Saturday, July 3, 2010

A little known fact...

I was the roller disco queen of Wheatland Ave circa 1980. There was an "Official" contest with all the kids on the block. While i was far from the only entrant into the contest as the oldest participant, I was the natural choice for the sole (and soul) judge. I won the contest hands down in a unanimous decision. I am pretty sure I also fabricated a sash out of a pillowcase to crown my achievement. If only my mother would have been as present with the camera as I am with my own children. Although perhaps it's best that the 10 yr old version of me with tight pants, halter top and a pillowcase draped over me is one image that is better left to the imagination! Fast forward 30 years (wow - how is that possible) to the current version of me. We were invited to a birthday party for the son of one of our nearest and dearest. The party was held at the local roller rink!! I was a little nervous but excited to showcase my roller disco skills. Yeah, not so much. Apparently if you hang up your skates for 30 years, it's nothing like riding a bike, you just can't get back on and go! And - imagine my surprise (and disgust) when they didn't play Funky Town one time!!! Seriously, that's just wrong. How am I supposed to skate to Eminem's Shake that A$$? That was probably my problem, the music. Yea, it was the music. There were no crowns to be handed out last night and no pillow case sashes but I did put on my skates and make a valliant attempt and for that, I consider myself the reigning roller disco queen of Roff Ave. Officially.

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